The Minotaur King

Second that the PCs battle of the eight "kings" taking over a region as a pawn for the King of Evil.


The Minotaur King
Level: 10
XP: 12 000 (4000 per character)
Size: 10’
Weight: 800 lbs
HP: 800
Strength: 30
Dexterity: 30 Reflexes: 12
Constitution: 30 Fortitude: 12
Intelligence: 30
Wisdom: 30 Will: 12
Charisma: 30
Attack Bonuses:
Melee: 20
Ranged: 20
Combat Die: 2d8
Powers: None
Information: Carries a long, enchanted stick and a battleaxe. Whacks with stick to unconsciousness and uses battleaxe to finish.
Enchanted Quarterstaff
Minotaur King Battleaxe
(PCs may also claim horns)


The Minotaur King

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