The Shark King

Third that the PCs battle of the eight "kings" taking over a region as a pawn for the King of Evil.


The Shark King
Level: 13
XP: 16500 (5500 per character)
Size: 15’ long
Weight: 600 lbs
HP: 1000
Strength: 40
Dexterity: 35 Reflexes: 12
Constitution: 50 Fortitude: 20
Intelligence: 55
Wisdom: 40 Will: 15
Charisma: 5
Defence: 45
Attack Bonuses:
Melee: 25
Ranged: 22
Combat Die: 3d12
Powers: Breathes underwater.
Information: Straightforward fighter, uses body to bash enemies and teeth to finish, guards large horde of magical objects.
Possessions: On ocean floor underneath it has a magic golden glow, increases hit dice of all weapons by two levels.


The Shark King

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